I am a part time knife maker. My journey in knife making started making bushcraft knives.

Every day I learn new things about knife making and my work will always be a representation of the techniques I am focusing on and my current ability. Recently I've producing a lot of knives with hamon (a japanese heat treating technique I am learning).

I've been making knives by hand for around 5 years now and have started designing them in AutoCAD as well as utilising waterjet and laserjet cutting. In time I'd also like to be producing my own CNC designs for production.  

I make knives because I enjoy it. I hope in time I'll be making swords, pattern welded steels and who knows what else. There are so many amazing aspects to knife making and I hope to learn them all.

I strive to improve my skills, my products and to be a positive representative of the Australian knife making community..

Thanks for your interest in my work

Sincerely,  Pierre 

email @ mefflinknives@outlook.com or message me via facebook or instagram

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