Each knife is covered by a common sense warranty and if you have any defects return the knife to me to be assessed and I’ll either replace the blade or refund your money at my discretion.


Deliberate misuse/abuse will not be covered.


These knives are recommended for light to medium tasks. I do not recommend heavy batoning with them as Australian wood is just too hard on knives.  I have had multiple people conduct tests with my prototypes to be sure my final product is sound.


Knives broken while throwing will not be covered by warranty.


Broken tips from prying/levering are not covered but can be reground for a small fee.


The warranty is only valid for the person who purchases the knife.


Knife care

Notes about carbon steels:


Carbon steels will develop a patina with use. Knives should be cleaned, dried and oiled after use to prevent rust.


Do not store carbon steel knives in sheathes for long periods of time.


I recommend renaissance wax for polishing and preventing rust long term. It’s used by museums around the world. It is suitable for woods, steels and synthetics.


I also recommend cammelia oil and clove oil for the prevention of rust


Notes about woods:


All woods have been stabilized with cactus juice to ensure they are a resilient to the elements as possible. All wood is sourced in Australia...

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